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Our Mission

At Function Reforged, our mission is to restore and enhance your physical capabilities. We achieve this by improving strength, optimizing mobility, and providing a comprehensive understanding of pain management, injury prevention, and the body’s healing process.


Function Reforged Physical Therapy was founded by Dr. Jared Caroff, PT, DPT, COMT. A physical therapist and international elite powerlifter, Jared integrates his knowledge of strength and movement into his therapeutic approach. Jared has experience in outpatient orthopedic and home health fields, which have shaped his passion for using strength and movement to alleviate pain and improve overall functionality in daily life.


Care for Everyone

If you're an athlete looking to return to the gym or competition stronger and faster, we offer specialized assessments and training programs that cater to your unique requirements.


If you're dealing with chronic pain and unsure of how to begin your healing journey, Function Reforged provides a supportive environment to manage your pain more effectively and grow stronger in the process.


If you're facing challenges with mobility, or simply unsure about where to start, Function Reforged has the expertise to help you get moving. We provide the education and guidance to help you progress and move forward confidently.


When you choose Function Reforged, you're a partner in a process of restoration and healing. Experience a tailored, comprehensive approach to physical therapy and let us help you reforge your function.


Our Approach

Our approach at Function Reforged is personalized and comprehensive. We start with a detailed evaluation of your specific movement patterns, strengths, and restrictions. This assessment allows us to formulate an effective care plan tailored to your needs. Using advanced manual therapy techniques, and targeted strength, stability, and mobility interventions, we collaborate with you to meet and surpass your health and fitness goals.

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